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Boost productivity, positivity, and concentration with our fragrances that inspire success.

Why us?

From us, for you!

MONODOR offers you the perfect fragrance solution for your company! Our fragrances are tailor-made to suit any industry and space, leaving a lasting impression on your clients and employees. Let us craft a bespoke room scent subscription that's tailored to your company's unique vibe, making sure that the air is filled with the perfect aroma to evoke positive feelings of well-being and productivity. Let MONODOR turn your work environment into a fragrant oasis.

Customized fragrance concepts just for you

Avoid expensive and one-time bulk orders

Fast, flexible and free delivery

Scent-sational Benefits

  • The right room fragrance works wonders in relieving stress and reducing anxiety while promoting concentration and good vibes.

  • A good room fragrance makes customers stay longer in the store and increases their willingness to buy..

  • Room fragrances increase the air humidity and have a positive influence on the health and efficiency of humans!

  • A special room scent increases the quality perception of your products and premises.

Our promise

The unique advantages of a room fragrance subscription from MONODOR


Bottles, corks, and packaging are made from 100% recycled materials. Our own bottle deposit system allows our bottles to be reused.


Our fragrances are made exclusively from the finest ingredients - and by experienced perfumers in Northern Italy.


Every month you will receive a new delivery from us. So we put an end to empty room scents and provide a permanent fragrance experience.


Through our wall mounts or wooden trays we ensuresafe use, even in a moving environment.

Easy to use

Simply put in the sticks and set up. Then enjoy a month of carefree use.

Creative freedom

Are you interested in a personal label, an individual bottle or would you even like to create your own room fragrance? No problem.

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